The AOTUS library provides a wrapper around the C-API of the Lua scripting language, allowing a convenient usage of Lua scripts as configuration files in Fortran applications. Please have look at the Wiki for usage informations.

This library is released under a simplified MIT licence, please have look at the COPYRIGHT file for details.

How To Build

waf is used as build system. Run:

./waf configure build

to build the aotus library. If you want to select a specific Fortran compiler, set the environment variable FC. And for a specific C compiler, set the environment variable CC.

What is Built

For your convenience the lua library is included in version 5.2.0 (released 2011-12-16). Its objects are completely gathered into the final libaotus library, so it is only necessary to link against this single static library to gain the configuration features of aotus in your Fortran application.


There is an example program built, called aotus_test, which you will find in the build directory. It can be used with the provided config.lua in the test directory, where also the source of this small program is found.