University of Bath Computer Science Poster Template

This is a template for the poster that Bath University Computer Science students have to give near the end of their final year project. That said this could easily be adapted for another department at the university or even a different university.


Example documents generated from the template are in the Examples folder. Here's the poster and here's the version for the printers with crop lines.


Open up a terminal and run the following

git clone

Then just run this to build


Depends on the beamer class. Also requires the beamerposter, epstopdf, calc and crop packages.


The inspiration for this was that the LaTeX template we were provided isn't a template at all. It is infact a full poster and it is a horrible mess of code. The layout was also landscape despite the advisement that we make a portrait version.

What should be provided is a theme that handles as much as the layout for you as possible, but still allowing you control, so that you can focus on the content. This is what I'm aiming to do here.


This template is extended from styles provided by the beamer class and is thus licensed under the GPL but please see LICENSE for full details.