connectors between nodes vanish

Issue #7 on hold
Anonymous created an issue

When I attempt to connect any node to the 'height' input on 'terrian' node, all the existing lines vanish and no effects are visible on the terrain in the preview window.

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  1. Anonymous

    I downloaded the latest version of lithosphere. I don't have those other 3 things. Perhaps that's my issue.

  2. Anonymous

    Ok, wait I'm sorry. Yes, I downloaded the .zip that's version 0.1.2.

    I am on windows Vista 32 bit. I have a Radeon Mobility hd 2600 graphics card with the newest drivers installed.

    It may be of importance to note that I have python 3.1 installed so if I just double click the it doesn't work because it wants to open it in 3.1 by default. To solve the problem I've been starting the program by dropping the onto the python executable in my c:/python26 folder.

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