This app makes it easy to display a map for given address in django templates. No API keys, manual geocoding, html/js copy-pasting or django model changes is needed.

The license is MIT.


pip install geopy
pip install django-easy-maps

Then add 'easy_maps' to INSTALLED_APPS and run ./ syncdb (or ./ migrate easy_maps if South is in use)


If working on localhost you can run into Google Maps API lockdown. If this happens then create a EASY_MAPS_GOOGLE_KEY in your file:

EASY_MAPS_GOOGLE_KEY = "your-google-maps-api-key"


This app provides an easy_map template tag:

{% easy_map <address> [<width> <height>] [<zoom>] [using <template_name>] %}


{% load easy_maps_tags %}

<!-- Default map with 300x400 dimensions -->
{% easy_map "Russia, Ekaterinburg, Mira 32" 300 400 %}

<!-- Variable address, custom detail level and custom template -->
{% easy_map address 200 200 5 using 'map.html' %}

The coordinates for map will be obtained using google geocoder on first access. Then they'll be cached in DB. Django's template caching can be used later in order to prevent DB access on each map render:

{% load easy_maps_tags cache %}

{% cache 600 my_map firm.address %}
    {% easy_map firm.address 300 400 %}
{% endcache %}


If the default map template is not sufficient then custom map template can be used. Examples:

{% easy_map address using 'map.html' %}
{% easy_map address 200 300 5 using 'map.html' %}

The template will have 'map' (it is the easy_maps.models.Address instance), 'width', 'height' and 'zoom' variables. The outer template context is passed to rendered template as well.

The default template can be found here:

You can start your own template from scratch or just override some blocks in the default template.

Please refer to for detailed Google Maps JavaScript API help.

Address model

easy_maps.models.Address model has the following fields:

  • address - the requested address
  • computed_address - address returned by geocoder
  • longitude
  • latitude
  • geocode_error - True if geocoder wasn't able to handle the address

Admin address preview

django-easy-maps provides basic widget that displays a map under the address field. It can be used in admin for map previews. Example usage:

from django import forms
from django.contrib import admin
from easy_maps.widgets import AddressWithMapWidget
from firms.models import Firm

class FirmAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    class form(forms.ModelForm):
        class Meta:
            widgets = {
                'address': AddressWithMapWidget({'class': 'vTextField'})
            }, FirmAdmin)


If you've found a bug, implemented a feature or customized the template and think it is useful then please consider contributing. Patches, pull requests or just suggestions are welcome!

Source code:

Bug tracker: