django-storages / AUTHORS

By order of apparition, thanks:
    * Marty Alchin (S3)
    * David Larlet (S3)
    * Arne Brodowski (S3)
    * Sebastian Serrano (S3)
    * Andrew McClain (MogileFS)
    * Rafal Jonca (FTP)
    * Chris McCormick (S3 with Boto)
    * Ivanov E. (Database)
    * Ariel Núñez (packaging)
    * Wim Leers (SymlinkOrCopy + patches)
    * Michael Elsdörfer (Overwrite + PEP8 compatibility)
    * Christian Klein (CouchDB)
    * Rich Leland (Mosso Cloud Files)
    * Jason Christa (patches)
    * Adam Nelson (patches)
    * Erik CW (S3 encryption)
    * Axel Gembe (Hash path)

Extra thanks to Marty for adding this in Django,
you can buy his very interesting book (Pro Django).
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