Daniel Greenfeld avatar Daniel Greenfeld committed 29dd08e

Remove deprecated method on the VisitorManager and the associated utils function

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             return self.get(visitor_key=visitor_key)
         except self.model.DoesNotExist:
-            print("model doesn't exist")
-            return None
-    def create_from_ip(self, ip):
-        from visitor.visitor_utils import create_uuid
-        return self.get_or_create(visitor_key=create_uuid(ip))[0]
+            return None


 class BaseTestCase(TestCase):
     def tearDown(self):
+        super(BaseTestCase,self).setUp()        
 class VisitorModelTest(BaseTestCase):
         self.assertTrue(count < Visitor.objects.count())
+    """ test on possibly deprecated method
+    def test_manager_create_from_ip(self):
+        ip = ''
+        visitor = Visitor.objects.create_from_ip(ip)
+        self.assertEquals(Visitor.objects.count(), 1)
+        visitor = Visitor.objects.create_from_ip(ip)
+        self.assertEquals(Visitor.objects.count(), 1)        
+    """


     return ip_address
-def get_visitor(visitor_key):
-    """ get the visitor using the visitor key """
-    return Visitor.objects.find_visitor(visitor_key)
 def create_visitor(ip_address,session_key):
     """ Create the visitor given an ip_address """
     visitor = Visitor()
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