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 Transifex requires a couple of standard packages to support translations.
-Currently these are the following.:
+Currently these are the following:
 * gettext (standard Internationalization library)
 * intltool (for dynamic ``POT``-file generation)

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-Transifex 0.7 (Pyro) 火 -- Release Candidate 2
+Transifex 0.7 (Pyro) 火
 Welcome to the Transifex 0.7 release, codenamed Pyro_.
-  Mid August 2009
+  August 22 2009
-This is the pre-release of 0.7, aimed to encourage testing and thus catching
-bugs early on.
 Transifex 0.7 is intended for production use and is targeted for new
 installations of Transifex and parties who choose to migrate to a new major
 version and enjoy the new features.
-Here's a 40K-foot view of the release in numbers::
+Here's a 40K-foot view of the release:
-    291 files changed, 62534 insertions(+), 26607 deletions(-)
+* Online Translation Editor
+* More control to Project Maintainers
+* Submissions to a mailbox
+* User Profiles
+* Publican-like I18n Support
+* Simplified branching support
+* Improved URL structure
+* User sign in changes
+* I18n support improvements
+* Easier File Logging
+* Misc new features
+.. code-block:: bash
+    273 files changed, 10752 insertions(+), 2491 deletions(-)
 What's new in Transifex 0.7
 The following major features were introduced in this release.
 Online Translation Editor
 Transifex 0.7 includes an exciting feature in beta mode: 'Lotte', the
 lightweight online translation editor.
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_lotte.png
+   :class: shot2 alcenter
 Projects which have enabled translation submission get a new icon, which
 translators can click to translate through the browser. Of course, the choice
 of uploading normal translated files still applies.
-Note that currently Lotte is enabled only for files with less than 100 strings.
-Improvements to the interface to enable efficient handling of larger files are
-scheduled with a next release.
+Here are some of the features you can find in Lotte:
-.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_lotte.png
+* Live translation from inside the browser itself. No extra addons needed.
+* Support for all languages which come built-in with Transifex.
+* Machine-powered translation suggestions for every string with the click of
+  a button using the `Google Translate API`_. At the time of writing, the
+* Translation support for PO-based and intltool-powered translation files.
+  number of supported languages is 42.
+* Live update of the translation completion during the translation process.
+* Upon completion of the work, the file is automatically submitted to the
+  remote project.
+* Dynamic filtering of viewable strings: Choose to display translated, fuzzy,
+  untranslated strings, or a combination of them.
+* Color-based identification of the string state for ultra-fast location of
+  the strings needing the user's attention.
+* Sortable list of translation strings by ID, source string, or translated
+  version.
+* Contextual information: Translators are presenting with a link to the
+  relevant source code lines, should they need to get more context for a
+  string. 
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_lotte    2.png
    :class: shot2 alcenter
+Note that currently Lotte is enabled only for files with less than 100 strings
+for efficiency reasons. Improvements to the interface to enable efficient
+handling of larger files are scheduled with a next release.   
 More control to Project Maintainers
 .. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_request-submit-access.png
    :class: shot2 alcenter
-Submissions via email
+Submissions to a mailbox
 In addition to submitting files to remote versioning systems over SSH,
 Transifex now supports submission via email to the project maintainers. This
     way to know if the maintainer is indeed going to commit the file in his
 User Profiles
 their account in detail. Here are some of the features supported:
 - Avatar support
-- Google Maps Integration for specifying the user's exact location
+- Google Maps Integration for specifying the user's exact location (tab
+  disabled temporarily in 0.7).
 - Standard account features: Register for a new account, login/logout
 - Password management (change password, recover lost one, etc.)
 - Email address modification 
     OpenID was dropped in this release. The plan is to re-add it in a next
     release, depending on the feedback from our users. 
 Publican-like I18n Support
 the Release Notes.
-Other new features
+Simplified branching support
+Transifex 0.7 drops support for VCS "branches" for Subversion, Mercurial and
+Bazaar versioning systems. These VCS types traditionally define "big-picture"
+branches: a checkout/clone of a particular URL is considered a "branch".
+By dropping the input of a branch name for these types, Transifex allows users
+to define just any URL they want, as long as it's a URL which can be checked
+out or cloned.
+With this feature, support is added for non-standard branching names for
+Subversion repositories (contrary to the ``/trunk`` and ``/branches/<name>``
+scheme. When adding your repository, just provide the full URL as your
+root, like so::
+    svn://
+Furthermore, the default branch name for Mercurial has been renamed to 'default',
+which is a better branch name to use than 'tip'.
+An automatic data evolution for Subversion and Mercurial repositories is
+included, which will migrate your data to support the newer branch definition
+Support for Git and CVS branches continues as before.
+Improved URL structure
+Quite a few URLs have been slightly modified in this release. In particular,
+keywords in the URLs have been prepended with a letter denoting the action
+taking place. This improves the namespace of the URLs for future additions and
+enhances usability by distinguishing parts in the URL which are keywords.
+The following structure is now used::
+    <section>/<object_alias>/<object_slug>/<action>
+Here are some examples::
+    /projects/transifex/        → /projects/p/transifex/
+    /projects/transifex/default → /projects/p/transifex/c/default
+    /languages/pt_BR            → /languages/l/pt_BR/
+.. warning::
+    This is a backwards incompatible change. Please modify your links and
+    notify your users to update their bookmarks.
 User sign in changes
   distinguishing them from the anonymous ones.
 - Replaced 'Log in' template occurrences to 'Sign in'.
 I18n support improvements
   (#209). This option is configurable through the setting files.
 - Commit messages now have the user's profile info embedded instead of just
   the username (#235).
+- Management command ``create_languages`` has been renamed to
+  ``txcreatelanguages`` to improve compatibility with other Transifex commands.
+Easier File Logging
 Transifex now comes pre-configured with logging support to a file on the disk
 in the ``logs/`` directory. You can control the verbosity through the
 corresponding configuration options. Make sure the directory is created by
-running the command ``./ txcreatedirs``.          
+running the command ``./ txcreatedirs``.
+Here is a sample output of the file, with the logging level set to ``DEBUG``::
+    2009-08-21 18:29:05,812 DEBUG Requested stats calc for component usermode.tip
+    2009-08-21 18:29:05,813 DEBUG Updating local repo for usermode.tip
+    2009-08-21 18:29:05,816 DEBUG Preparing repo for vcsunit usermode.tip
+    2009-08-21 18:29:16,405 DEBUG Repowatch revision file po/as.po: Old: (...L,), New: (...L,)
+    2009-08-21 18:29:16,450 DEBUG Setting stats for tip (Usermode)
+    2009-08-21 18:29:22,119 INFO localhost -- [GET /projects/p/usermode/c/tip/set_stats/ HTTP/1.1] 302 0
+    2009-08-21 18:29:23,437 INFO localhost -- [GET /projects/p/usermode/c/tip/ HTTP/1.1] 200 10997
 Misc new features
 - Added option to filter out completed files in a statistics table.
 - Upon clicking 'Watch', user is now presented with a 'waiting' icon while
   he waits for his watch to be activated through AJAX.
-- Switched use of 'tip' to 'default' for main HG branch. It's not a good
-  practice using 'tip' as the main branch.
 - *All* tracebacks (500 errors) are now logged, printed out or notified to the
   admins for immediate action and future reference.
-The following translations of Transifex were added or updated in this release: 
-- Catalan (xconde)
-- Chinese Simplified (tiansworld)
-- Greek (thalia)
-- Hungarian (peti)
-- Polish (Piotr Drąg)
-- Russian (aguskov)
-- Slovak (palos)
-- Spanish (elsupergomez)
+- Component option ``should_calculate`` now makes stats calculation to be
+  skipped. If we have old statistics available, they are preserved until the
+  cache is cleand.
 Various Improvements and Bugfixes
 - Become compatible with newer versions of hg.
 - Show rich tooltip for locking icons.
 - form_as_table_rows must display errors for hidden fields
+- Added sr_Latn as alias for Serbian.
+- Lotte needs to open the msgmerged files for editing
+- Fixed encode problem with polib (#292, #297). Now Tx requires polib
+  0.4.2
+- Used 'floor' instead of 'round' for Lotte perc calcs (#294)
+- Fixed access for locking files (kind of related to #300). People that have
+  access to submit files for a project must be able to lock files too.
+- bugfix: Check if the request object is valid before using it.
+- Admin pages now do not return 404 errors when models are changed, by
+  remoging ``admin.autodiscover()`` calls in app URLconfs. (#309)
+- Fixed commit author if users do not fill the first name (#310)
 Documentation improvements
 - Minor theme redesign (mostly colors).
+The following translations of Transifex were added or updated in this release: 
+- Catalan (xconde)
+- Chinese Simplified (tiansworld)
+- German (tomspur)
+- Greek (thalia)
+- Hungarian (peti)
+- Polish (Piotr Drąg)
+- Russian (aguskov)
+- Slovak (palos)
+- Spanish (elsupergomez)
 Upgrading to 0.7
 To upgrade the code, update your package distribution as usual.
 - South
 - django-piston
 - django-profile (named 'userprofile')
+- mercurial >= 1.3
 The following dependencies were *removed* in this version:
 :ref:`Installation docs <intro-install>`. You'll need to complete this step
 before actually doing the database upgrade.
 Database migration
     ./ migrate 0001_initial --all --fake
     ./ migrate
-.. note::
-    Transifex does not support direct database migration from 0.5 to 0.7. To
-    upgrade from a 0.5 schema it's necessary to first upgrade your schema to
-    v0.6. Instructions to do this can be found in relevant section of the
-    :ref:`Transifex 0.6 release notes <upgrading-to-0-6>`.
+To upgrade from a 0.5 schema to 0.7 you first need to upgrade your schema to
+0.6 and from there to 0.7. Instructions for the first step can be found in the
+relevant section of the :ref:`Transifex 0.6 release notes <upgrading-to-0-6>`.
 Getting Transifex 0.7
 Project and community managers who want to deploy Transifex for their 
 own community can get Transifex in a variety of ways. 
-A tarball of Transifex 0.7 is available at
+A tarball of Transifex 0.7 is available from the following locations:
+* The Download section:
+* The Python Packaging Index (Cheeseshop):
 RPM packages for Fedora 9, Fedora 10, and Fedora Rawhide are or will 
 soon be available via yum::
     yum install transifex transifex-extras 
 RPM packages for RHEL 5, CentOS 5, and Scientific Linux 5 will be 
-available in `Fedora EPEL`_. 
+available in the `Fedora EPEL`_ yum repository. 
+Information about installing Transifex can be found in the
+:ref:`Installation documentation <intro-install>`.
 The Transifex Appliance
 .. _Pyro:
 .. _Fedora EPEL:
+.. _Google Translate API: