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Added installtion tip for database encoding (by Og Maciel).

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File docs/intro/install.txt

 To enable Transifex's notifications you'll need to switch the relevant setting
 called ENABLE_NOTICES to ``True``.
+.. note::
+    Ensure the database server defined in the settings files is properly
+    configured and running, and that your selected database is using UTF-8.
+    Depending on the backend, this is achieved in different ways; for example,
+    in MySQl, you might want to modify ``my.cnf`` or create the database with
+    a command similar to the following:
+    .. code-block:: sql
+        CREATE DATABASE db_name DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
 Once you're done configuring, run inside the project directory::
     ./ syncdb