Diego Búrigo Zacarão  committed 1e6b8a5

Fixed user Timeline querying (#485)

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File transifex/actionlog/

         ctype = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(obj)
         return self.filter(,
+    def by_user(self, user):
+        """Return LogEntries for a specific user."""
+        return self.filter(
     def by_object_last_week(self, obj):
         """Return LogEntries of the related object for the last week."""
         last_week_date = - datetime.timedelta(days=7)

File transifex/txcommon/

     The view limits the results and uses filters to allow the user to even
     further refine the set.
-    log_entries = LogEntry.objects.for_projects_by_user(request.user)
+    log_entries = LogEntry.objects.by_user(request.user)
     f = LogEntryFilter(request.GET, queryset=log_entries)
     return render_to_response("txcommon/user_timeline.html",