Diego Búrigo Zacarão  committed 318b094

Shutting up mercurial when used in the vcs app too

- Now it imports an 'ui' that has the attributes
interactive=off and quiet=on in order to do not
print anything in the stdout.
- It was only used in the tarball app

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File transifex/vcs/lib/types/

 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
 import os
-from mercurial import ui, hg, commands
+from mercurial import hg, commands
+from import ui
     from mercurial.repo import RepoError # mercurial-1.1.x
-            remote_repo, repo = hg.clone(ui.ui(), self.remote_path,
+            remote_repo, repo = hg.clone(ui, self.remote_path,
             commands.update(repo.ui, repo, self.branch)
             #TODO: Why is the following needed, since it's defined above?
-            repo = hg.repository(ui.ui(), self.path)
+            repo = hg.repository(ui, self.path)
         except RepoError, e:
             # Remote repo error
             raise BrowserError, e
-            self.repo = hg.repository(ui.ui(), self.path)
+            self.repo = hg.repository(ui, self.path)
         except RepoError:
             self.repo = self.setup_repo()