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Diego Búrigo Zacarão  committed 6b5f238

minor: String fixes

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File transifex/projects/management/commands/txstatsrefresh.py

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                 sys.stderr.write(self.style.ERROR(str('Error: %s\n' % e)))
-            print "Component '%s' has should_calculate=False." % comp_name
+            print "Statistics calculation is disabled for the particular component."

File transifex/projects/views.py

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                 "component. Maybe its file filter is not allowing access to it."))
-        logger.debug("Component %s has should_calculate=False" % component)
+        logger.debug("Statistics calculation is disabled for the '%s' component."
+                     % component)
         request.user.message_set.create(message = _(
-            "This component is set up for do not calculate statistics."))
+            "This component is not configured for statistics calculation."))
     return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('projects.views.component_detail', 
                                 args=(project_slug, component_slug,)))