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Introduce txcreatedirs command

`python txcreatedirs` creates all the necessary
directories specified in the settings file.


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 Once you're done configuring, run inside the project directory::
     ./ syncdb
+    ./ txcreatedirs
     ./ runserver 8088
 Fire up your browser at ``http://localhost:8088/`` and grab a cup of coffee.


+import os
+from import NoArgsCommand
+def transifex_paths():
+    from django.conf import settings as s
+    # Scratch dir
+    yield s.SCRATCH_DIR
+    # Msgmerge dir
+    yield s.MSGMERGE_DIR
+    # Repo paths
+    for vcs in s.VCS_CHOICES.keys():
+        yield s.REPO_PATHS[vcs]
+class Command(NoArgsCommand):
+    help = 'Create scratchdir vcs directories'
+    requires_model_validation = False
+    can_import_settings = True
+    def handle_noargs(self, **options):
+        for path in transifex_paths():
+            try:
+                os.makedirs(path)
+                print "Creating %s" % path
+            except OSError, e:
+                print "Error creating %s: %s" % (path, e.strerror)
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