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 To be Released:
   June 2010
+.. warning::
+    Transifex 0.9 is **still under development** and has not been released yet.
+    These release notes serve as a page to prepare the final release notes and
+    document what's available in the development versions (alpha, beta, etc).
 Transifex 0.9 'Mojo' is a production release of Transifex. It is targeted for
 new installations of Transifex and parties who choose to migrate to a new major
 codebase. Stay tuned for more, but until then, let's enjoy the fresh air
 Transifex 0.9 brings to our daily multilingual life.
 Here's a 40K-foot view of the release major features and numbers:
 - Add-ons engine
     433 files changed, 52411 insertions(+), 17774 deletions(-)
-A note about
+Being served hot at
 Transifex 0.9 is a release of the open-source, community-powered Transifex
 flavor. It is suitable for very large projects with their own existing