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docs: Some corrections on 0.4

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 Transifex version 0.4 release notes
-Transifex 0.4 is a stable release, planned to be published in the start of
-November 2008. It is scheduled to be be the last major stable release from the
+Transifex 0.4 was planned to be the last major stable release from the
 TurboGears branch.
-Transifex 0.4 is planned to be maintained until March 2009, by releasing minor
-versions (0.4.x) with bugfixes. This depends on the feedback from the Tx users
-themselves. No new features will be added in this branch, however.
+Seeing that 0.3 was pretty stable and the new features on 0.4 were already
+implemented in the Django branch (to be named 0.5), the Transifex development
+team decided to continue supporting the 0.3 branch for a few more months and
+skip shipping a 0.4 release, allowing more focus on the newest and greatest
+release based on the Django framework.
-Our attention now is on coding Transifex 0.5 from the `tx-django` branch, which
-will be the first release based on the Django branch.
+The relevant features from below were either backported to 0.3 or shipped with
+Transifex 0.5. 
-Version 0.4
-Scheduled to be released in the first week of November. 
+Version 0.4 (skipped)
 New Features