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Released Transifex 0.7-RC2.

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-Transifex 0.7-RC1 (Pyro) 火
+Transifex 0.7 (Pyro) 火 -- Release Candidate 2
-Welcome to the Transifex 0.7-RC1 release, codenamed Pyro_.
+Welcome to the Transifex 0.7 release, codenamed Pyro_.
-  Early August 2009
+  Mid August 2009
 This is the pre-release of 0.7, aimed to encourage testing and thus catching
 bugs early on.
 Here's a 40K-foot view of the release in numbers::
-    236 files changed, 51520 insertions(+), 23895 deletions(-)
+    291 files changed, 62534 insertions(+), 26607 deletions(-)
 What's new in Transifex 0.7


-version_info = (0, 7, 0, 'devel', 0)
+version_info = (0, 7, 0, 'RC2', 0)
 _verpart = ''
 if version_info[3] != 'final':
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