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Document fixture loading and stats refreshing.

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 ``./ syncdb`` at least once before in order for the database tables
 to exist.
-The following command loads a bunch of sample data to play around with.
+The following commands loads a bunch of sample data to play around with.
 .. code-block:: bash
     ./ loaddata transifex/fixtures/sample_data.json
-Also, you can load a sample user 'guest' with password 'guest, with the
-following command.
-.. code-block:: bash
     ./ loaddata transifex/fixtures/sample_users.json
-Further customization
+You can now fire up your browser to check out the newly imported data.
+Note that the registered projects have not been actually checked out by
+Transifex yet. To have translation files downloaded and fresh statistics
+produced, run a fresh checkout::
+    ./ txstatsrefresh
+This command is usually used in a cronjob to refresh Transifex's cache and
+translation statistics every once in a while for translators.
+Customizing your Transifex instance
 Site Domain and Name
 Transifex leverages the power of Django's Sites_ framework to make it easy
 to have instances of Transifex on differnet domains using the same models
 User Interface
 The default Transifex interface lives in the ``templates`` directory and can
 be customized at will.