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Added instructions about the Transifex appliance.

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     v0.6. Instructions to do this can be found in relevant section of the
     :ref:`Transifex 0.6 release notes <releases-0.6>`.
+Introducing the Transifex Appliance
+If you want to play with the latest Transifex code, you may want to use our
+development images for the Transifex Appliance. Following the stand-alone,
+"batteries included" model of software appliances, you get a complete
+Transifex system with all dependencies and services pre-configured so that
+you can start experimenting with it right away. Choose from ISO, VMware or EC2
+images, for both x86 and x86_64 architectures. Your appliances can be updated
+using its own web based management system by pointing your browser to the
+appliance’s IP using port 8003 with the credentials admin and password. Make
+sure to change the password once you’ve successfully logged in.
+This release is based on the development branch of Transifex, where a couple of
+projects have already been created for you to play with. Log in using either
+guest/guest or editor/editor as your user name and password combination and
+tinker to your heart’s content!
+Make sure to read the documentation and file issues/send us your feedback.
+Transifex Appliance web site:
+* Development images:
+* Stable images: