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+ Transifex
-The website
+Transifex: The Open Translation Platform
+Transifex is a highly scalable localization platform with a focus on
+integrating well with the existing workflow of both translators and developers.
-* Transifex is developed on top of Django. Install Django using the 
-  install package tool of your system or just download it from:
-* Some of the dependencies can be installed by using easy_install:
-  ``easy_install markdown python-openid httplib2 ...``
+It aims in making it dead-simple for content providers to receive quality
+translations from big translation communities, no matter where the project
+is hosted. 
-* All the others application denpendencies can be downloaded from 
-<application name> and then installed by 
-  using the or creating a symbolic link as following:
+* Homepage:
+* Example live deployment:
-  * django-tagging (python install)
-  * django_authopenid (python install)
-  * django-pagination (create a symbolic link in your PYTHONPATH)
-  * django-contact-form (python install)
-  * For notifications (it's optional):
-   - django-notification (create a symbolic link in your PYTHONPATH)
-   -
-     (download it and rename to and put it somewhere in 
-     your PYTHONPATH)
-Installing Transifex
+* Provide an interface for translators to submit translations to multiple
+  projects, regardless of the type of the underlying VCS
-* Customize ```` and ````.
-* Run ``./ syncdb``
-* Run ``./ runserver 8088``.
+* Reduce the overhead a project maintainer usually undertakes to administrate
+  accounts for translators
-To enable debugging, run the server as follows:
+* Help translators do more by eliminating the need to subscribe to each VCS and
+  learn its commands and tricks
-``./ runserver --settings settings_debug``  
+* Encourage collaboration between developers and maintainers and thus, increase
+  the language coverage of the participant projects
-``./ test``
+For full documentation, including installation instructions, please refer to
+ or the documents inside the 'docs/' directory.