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Dimitris Glezos  committed ee42994

trivial: Django ORM and '__id__in' rocks.

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     def is_watched_by(self, user, signal=None):
         return is_watched_by_user_signal(self, user, signal)
-    #FIXME: Rename this to vcsunits and make it return only the units
-    # which belong to this project.
     def blacklist_vcsunits(self):
         """Return all the vcsunits that arent allowed to be used."""
-        qset = VcsUnit.objects.select_related().all()
-        comp_qset = self.component_set.all()
-        for comp in comp_qset:
-            qset = qset.exclude(component=comp)
-        #TODO: Analyze the performance of the query produced here.
-        return qset
+        return VcsUnit.objects.exclude(
+            component__id__in=self.component_set.all().values('id'))
 tagging.register(Project, tag_descriptor_attr='tagsobj')