transifex / .hgtags

5b03910b64eba46242a0be653080f4dbffa74391 0.5-rc1
23d405a42d48dbe9686f5d96eb382cef79eb16c7 0.5
b4ffeae1d819a639a24bb972e66a03b7e1c7e8f6 0.6
0965256228316ff1abc1652305f731a7b26c554a 0.7-RC1
cad4aecc62554d4ef7e3c87cec1b5bfa98684031 0.7-RC2
6dd73a4b795a0dec2e2676d5daf34d6599c2f576 0.7
ae9f4e6ee1352213d04f793533a341d8b294aa1c 0.8alpha
af9191e50f28f9316f05386dc3147ac272f6a32a 0.8beta
ba8b8c85a5abee2caf6cbe235efd2f5b1ee15bd6 0.8
6280017a6fddb206c46700d319042295cb00c9ef 0.9alpha
a5f16b73c66b143d3a9fcbb2960d62edd55ed56b 0.9beta
38a58f49fa644d981da52325115f9d8fa956009e 0.9
09a38e8e507acdc24861937f39c0a3447291e2c1 1.0-alpha
8e667dd1125dc63180a89af36b8147c21aa30acd 1.0-beta
aed080e9cd678851b5c863bb27ed77d3ecdbd9c8 1.0
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