transifex / README


Transifex: The Open Translation Platform

Transifex is a highly scalable localization platform with a focus on
integrating well with the existing workflow of both translators and developers.

It aims in making it dead-simple for content providers to receive quality
translations from big translation communities, no matter where the project
is hosted. 

* Homepage:
* Example live deployment:


* Provide an interface for translators to submit translations to multiple
  projects, regardless of the type of the underlying VCS

* Reduce the overhead a project maintainer usually undertakes to administrate
  accounts for translators

* Help translators do more by eliminating the need to subscribe to each VCS and
  learn its commands and tricks

* Encourage collaboration between developers and maintainers and thus, increase
  the language coverage of the participant projects


For full documentation, including installation instructions, please refer to or the documents inside the 'docs/' directory.
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