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Don't disable alphabetical and roman lists anymore.

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   - Added ``cmember`` role for consistency.
+  - Lists enumerated by letters or roman numerals are now handled like in
+    standard reST.
 * HTML output and templates:
   - Incompatible change: The "root" relation link (top left in the
    #. This is a numbered list.
    #. It has two items too.
-Note that Sphinx disables the use of enumerated lists introduced by alphabetic
-or roman numerals, such as ::
-   A. First item
-   B. Second item
 Nested lists are possible, but be aware that they must be separated from the
 parent list items by blank lines::


 from docutils.transforms import Transform
 from import ContentsFilter
-# monkey-patch reST parser to disable alphabetic and roman enumerated lists
-from docutils.parsers.rst.states import Body
-Body.enum.converters['loweralpha'] = \
-    Body.enum.converters['upperalpha'] = \
-    Body.enum.converters['lowerroman'] = \
-    Body.enum.converters['upperroman'] = lambda x: None
 from sphinx import addnodes
 from sphinx.util import get_matching_docs, SEP
 from sphinx.directives import additional_xref_types
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