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ctypes 1.0.0 compat

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 __version__ = '$Id: $'
 from ctypes import *
+from ctypes.util import find_library
 import sys
 # Private version checking declared before SDL.version can be
 class SDL_DLL:
     def __init__(self, library_name, version_function_name):
         self.library_name = library_name
+        self._dll = getattr(cdll, find_library(library_name))
+        '''
         if sys.platform == 'darwin':
             import ctypes.macholib.dyld
             library_name = ctypes.macholib.dyld.framework_find(library_name)
             self._dll = CDLL(library_name, RTLD_GLOBAL)
             self._dll = getattr(cdll, library_name)
+        '''
         # Get the version of the DLL we're using
         if version_function_name:
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