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Lenard Lindstrom  committed 04bace0

remove Mac error debugging

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File Setup.in

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 #everything you can, but you can ignore ones you don't have
 #dependencies for, just comment them out
-#imageext src/imageext.c $(SDL) $(IMAGE) $(PNG) $(JPEG) $(DEBUG)
-#font src/font.c $(SDL) $(FONT) $(DEBUG)
-#mixer src/mixer.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
-#mixer_music src/music.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
+imageext src/imageext.c $(SDL) $(IMAGE) $(PNG) $(JPEG) $(DEBUG)
+font src/font.c $(SDL) $(FONT) $(DEBUG)
+mixer src/mixer.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
+mixer_music src/music.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
 _numericsurfarray src/_numericsurfarray.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
 _numericsndarray src/_numericsndarray.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
-#movie src/movie.c $(SDL) $(SMPEG) $(DEBUG)
+movie src/movie.c $(SDL) $(SMPEG) $(DEBUG)
 #_movie src/_gsound.c src/_gmovie.c src/_gcommand.c src/gmovie.c $(SDL) $(AVFORMAT) $(SWSCALE) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
 scrap src/scrap.c $(SDL) $(SCRAP) $(DEBUG)
 #_camera src/_camera.c src/camera_v4l2.c src/camera_v4l.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
 time src/time.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
 joystick src/joystick.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
 draw src/draw.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
-#image src/image.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
+image src/image.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
 overlay src/overlay.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
 transform src/transform.c src/rotozoom.c src/scale2x.c src/scale_mmx.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG) -D_NO_MMX_FOR_X86_64
 mask src/mask.c src/bitmask.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)

File lib/__init__.py

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 except (ImportError,IOError):event=MissingModule("event", geterror(), 1)
 try: import pygame.image
-##except (ImportError,IOError):image=MissingModule("image", geterror(), 1)
-except (ImportError,IOError):image=MissingModule("image", geterror(), 0) # remove when Mac debugging finished.
+except (ImportError,IOError):image=MissingModule("image", geterror(), 1)
 try: import pygame.joystick
 except (ImportError,IOError):joystick=MissingModule("joystick", geterror(), 1)

File src/rwobject.c

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 /*static const char default_encoding[] = "unicode_escape";*/
 /*static const char default_errors[] = "backslashreplace";*/
-static char default_encoding[] = "unicode_escape";
-static char default_errors[] = "backslashreplace";
+static const char default_encoding[] = "unicode_escape";
+static const char default_errors[] = "backslashreplace";
 static int rw_seek (SDL_RWops* context, int offset, int whence);
 static int rw_read (SDL_RWops* context, void* ptr, int size, int maxnum);
     { "encode_file_path", (PyCFunction)rwobject_encode_file_path,
-    { NULL, NULL 0, NULL }
+    { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL }
 /*DOC*/ static char _rwobject_doc[] =

File test/font_tags.py

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 __tags__ = []
-__tags__ = ['ignore', 'subprocess_ignore']  #temporary to find Mac build error
 import sys
 # Font support not fully implemented for Python 3.x.

File test/image__save_gl_surface_tags.py

-__tags__ = ['ignore', 'subprocess_ignore']  #temporary to find Mac build error