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Fixed bug on debian linux 2.6.x where run() was not called right after

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 """  This is a stress test for the fastevents module.
+*Fast events does not appear faster!*
 So far it looks like normal pygame.event is faster by up to two times.
 So maybe fastevent isn't fast at all.
-tested on windowsXP sp2 athlon.
+Tested on windowsXP sp2 athlon, and freebsd.
+However... on my debian duron 850 machine fastevents is faster.
 from pygame import *
 from threading import Thread
 class post_them(Thread):
+    def __init__(self):
+        Thread.__init__(self)
+        self.done = []
+        self.stop = []
     def run(self):
         self.done = []
         self.stop = []