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 SDL-ctypes 0.04
  - Support for 1 bit depth surfaces.
- - Ported tests: checkkeys, graywin, testalpha, testbitmap
+ - Ported all relevant SDL tests.
  - Removed unit/ directory; all tests will reside in test/.
  - Added SDL_GL_GetAttribute
  - Added to_string method in SDL_array
    version 0.0.0 if unversioned (needed for SDL_image).
  - Added SDL_ttf and SDL_mixer support
  - Added as_int16 and as_int32 methods to SDL_array.
+ - Support for SDL 1.2.11 (no API change)
 SDL-ctypes 0.03
 __docformat__ = 'restructuredtext'
 __version__ = '$Id: $'
-# TODO enums
 # enum SDLKey {
 #  The keyboard syms have been cleverly chosen to map to ASCII 
 IMG_Linked_Version = _dll.function('IMG_Linked_Version',
     '''Get the version of the dynamically linked SDL_image library.
+    :since: SDL_image 1.2.5
             Source RWops to inspect.
     :rtype: int
+    :since: SDL_image 1.2.5
             Source RWops to load from.
     :rtype: `SDL_Surface`
+    :since: SDL_image 1.2.5
 :address: \\\\
-:revision: 0.03
-:date: 12 June 2006
+:revision: 0.04
+:date: 29 June 2006
 :copyright: Copyright (c) 2006 Alex Holkner.
+SDL-ctypes is a wrapper module for the `Simple DirectMedia Layer`_ (SDL) and
+its companion libraries SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_ttf.  
+Example programs ported from the SDL library are in the ``test`` directory.
+You can use SDL-ctypes to access all SDL functions and data types.
+Pixel and audio buffers can be manipulated using either slices or NumPy_.
+SDL can also provide a context for PyOpenGL_ to work with.
+.. _Simple DirectMedia Layer:
+.. _NumPy:
+.. _PyOpenGL:
+SDL-ctypes supports:
+    SDL
+        Versions 1.2.1 through 1.2.11
+    SDL_image
+        Unversioned release on 13 April 2002 through 1.2.5
+    SDL_mixer
+        Versions 1.2.6 through 1.2.7
+    SDL_ttf
+        Versions 2.0.7 through 2.0.8
+Note that earlier versions are not available through the SDL subversion
 so on.  All functions and structures from each module are imported
 directly into the SDL namespace for convenience.
-The API documentation lists functions in both their originating module
+The extension libraries to SDL must be imported separately if you want
+to use them::
+    from SDL.image import *
+    from SDL.mixer import *
+    from SDL.ttf import *
+The API documentation lists core functions in both their originating module
 and the SDL module for readability.
 Error checking
-    version='0.03',
+    version='0.04',
     description='ctypes wrapper for SDL',
     author='Alex Holkner',


 import subprocess
 import sys
-# 1.2.1 to 1.2.10
-versions = ['1.2.%d' % (i+1) for i in range(10)]
+# 1.2.1 to 1.2.11
+versions = ['1.2.%d' % (i+1) for i in range(11)]
 # Checkout under support/
 working_base = os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0])
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