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pygame.draw.polygon accepts tuple

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  - pygame.Surface.set_clip with negative-sized rects.
  - pygame.Surface.set_at and .get_at for 24-bit surfaces.  Largely untested.
  - pygame.transform.rotozoom 24-bit surfaces.
+ - pygame.draw.polygon accepts tuple as well as list
 SDL-ctypes 0.10
     x1, y1 = pointlist[0]
     miny = maxy = y1
     minx = maxx = x1
-    for x2, y2 in pointlist[1:] + [pointlist[0]]:
+    for x2, y2 in list(pointlist[1:]) + [pointlist[0]]:
         if y2 > y1:
             edges.append( [x1, y1, y2, (x2 - x1) / float(y2 - y1)] )
             miny = min(miny, y1)
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