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Added freetype todos

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 * add pgcompat.h to *mod.h internal headers.
 * Fix eval(repr(xyz)) for most types.
+* freetype: colored text rendering for SDL (with background color, alpha
+  transparency, alpha to alpha operations (fgcolor) for existing
+  surfaces, colorkey handling(?), ...)
+* freetype: rotated text rendering and proper support for vertical fonts
+* freetype: proper surface support for all (existing surface) bit depths
+* freetype: render to buffer buffer support (like new bytearray, but
+  write to a buffer instead)
+* freetype: well-designed argument overloading (see e.g. sdlgfx.primitives
+  functions) for byte arrays and SDL surfaces
+* freetype: support different rendering modes (antialiased, aliased, ...)?
+* freetype: add style support (bold, italic, underlined)
+* freetype: correct error messages (e.g. on trying to scale pcf fonts)
+* freetype: brush up docs and examples
+* freetype: description/markup language for rendering text (like e.g. pango
+   has)?
 Things to ADD:
 * (re)add tests