Lenard Lindstrom avatar Lenard Lindstrom committed 2543b6f

unpdate Windows deps build chain in preporation to adding ffmpeg

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                 if not src_header_dir in copied_dirs:
                     copy_dir(src_header_dir, dest_header_dir)
+    if 'SDL' in have_dlls:
+        # For MSVC use SDL_config_win32.h in place of configure
+        # generated SDL_config.h.
+        file_copy(
+            os.path.join(src_dir, 'include', 'SDL', 'SDL_config_win32.h'),
+            os.path.join(dest_dir, 'include', 'SDL', 'SDL_config.h'))
     # msvcr71.dll linking support.
     src_msvcr71_dir = os.path.join(src_dir, 'lib', 'msvcr71')


 libpng 1.2.32
 jpeg 6b
 zlib 1.2.3
+PortMidi release 82
 The build environment used:
 # corresponding action is performed. When '0' it is skipped. A final variable,
 # DBWD, is the root directory of the source code. A script will cd to it before
 # doing anything else.
+# None of these scripts end with an "exit". Exit, possibly, leads to Msys
+# freezing on some versions of Windows (98).
 # The list order corresponds to build order. It is critical.
 dependencies = [
 if [ x$BDINST == x1 ]; then
   make install
+  # Make SDL_config_win32.h available for prebuilt and MSVC
+  cp -f "$BDWD/include/SDL_config_win32.h" "/usr/local/include/SDL"
 if [ x$BDSTRIP == x1 ]; then
   make clean
   rm -f GNUmakefile portmidi.def
-exit 0
     ]  # End dependencies = [.
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