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give more detail on a test failure

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 # BUG    = fixed a bug that was (or could have been) crashing
+[SVN 2295] June 1, 2009
+    Added abort() and close() to midi Output/Input.  Only close on __dealloc__
+[SVN 2290] May 31, 2009
+    let Surface methods accept and return Color instances 
 [SVN 2268] May 27, 2009
     updated docs for cursors.load_xbm, thanks Saul Spatz, and Thomas Ibbotson


         an_in_id = pygame.midi.get_default_input_id() 
         if an_id != -1:
-            interf, name, input, output, opened = pygame.midi.get_device_info(an_in_id)
+            try:
+                r = pygame.midi.get_device_info(an_in_id)
+                interf, name, input, output, opened = r
+            except TypeError:
+                raise Exception(repr(r))
             self.assertEqual(output, 0)
             self.assertEqual(input, 1)
             self.assertEqual(opened, 0)
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