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illume  committed 37fb5da Merge

Merged in osx-scrap-fixes (pull request #27)

Fixes to always compile SCRAP on MacOSX.

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File Setup_Darwin.in

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 #This file defines platform specific modules for mac os x
 sdlmain_osx src/sdlmain_osx.m $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
 #_camera src/_camera.c src/camera_mac.m $(SDL) $(DEBUG)

File config_darwin.py

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     FrameworkDependency('QUICKTIME', 'QuickTime.h', 'QuickTime', 'QuickTime'),
     Dependency('PNG', 'png.h', 'libpng', ['png']),
     Dependency('JPEG', 'jpeglib.h', 'libjpeg', ['jpeg']),
-    Dependency('SCRAP', '','',[]),
     Dependency('PORTMIDI', 'portmidi.h', 'libportmidi', ['portmidi']),
     DependencyProg('FREETYPE', 'FREETYPE_CONFIG', '/usr/X11R6/bin/freetype-config', '2.0',
                    ['freetype'], '--ftversion'),
     Dependency('AVFORMAT', '','',[]),
     Dependency('SWSCALE', '','',[]),
+    # Scrap is included in sdlmain_osx, there is nothing to look at.
+    # Dependency('SCRAP', '','',[]),