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Fixed display detection for scrap module.

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     _clipdata = PyDict_New ();
     _selectiondata = PyDict_New ();
+    /* In case we've got not video surface, we won't initialize
+     * anything.
+     */
+    if (!SDL_GetVideoSurface())
+        return RAISE (PyExc_SDLError, "No display mode is set");
     if (!pygame_scrap_init ())
         return RAISE (PyExc_SDLError, SDL_GetError ());
         unsigned long boffset = 0;
         chunk = MAX_CHUNK_SIZE(SDL_Display);
-        memset (retval, 0, *length + 1);
+        memset (retval, 0, (size_t) (*length + 1));
         /* Read as long as there is data. */
         while (overflow)
         if (!types)
             return NULL;
-        memset (types, 0, (PyDict_Size (dict) + 1));
+        memset (types, 0, (size_t) (PyDict_Size (dict) + 1));
         while (PyDict_Next (dict, &pos, &key, NULL))
             types[i] = strdup (PyString_AsString (key));
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