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File src/scrap.doc

 The scrap module is for getting and putting stuff from the clipboard.
+So you can copy and paste things between pygame, and other application
 New in pygame 1.8.  Only works for windows, X11, QNX, Mac OS X so far.
-raises an error on error.
+raises an error if it can not initialise.
 Puts stuff into the clipboard.
 pygame.scrap.put(pygame.locals.SCRAP_TEXT, 'hello clipboard'): return None.
-pygame.scrap.put(pygame.locals.SCRAP_BMP, 'hello clipboard'): return None.
+pygame.scrap.put(pygame.locals.SCRAP_BMP, Surface): return None.
 Puts the stuff into the clipboard.
 Returns True if the contents of the clipboard has been lost.  If it has not 
 been lost it returns False.