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Looping works properly on positive number integers. If you put in a 3,
you will get 3 plays. Infinite play(negative integers) causes a
seemingly random lockup/infinite loop, as well as a memory leak.

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 	    q->mutex = SDL_CreateMutex();
-    q->cond = SDL_CreateCond();
+    	q->cond = SDL_CreateCond();
     movie->paused = 0;
     movie->playing = 1;
-    while(loops>-1)
+    while((loops-1)!=-1)
     	PySys_WriteStdout("Loops: %i\n", loops);
+    	if(loops==1)
+    	{
+    		PySys_WriteStdout("Second Loop Around\n");
+    	}
     	movie=stream_open(movie, movie->filename, NULL);
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