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aholkner  committed 44ce7ae

set_endevent fix

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+Pygame-ctypes 0.09
+ - pygame.mixer.Channel.get/set_endevent fixed
 Pygame-ctypes 0.08
  - Filled ellipse does not hang when rx or ry == 0

File pygame/mixer.py

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         return self._queue
-    def set_endevent(id=None):
+    def set_endevent(self, id=None):
         '''Have the channel send an event when playback stops.
         When an endevent is set for a channel, it will send an event to the
         self._endevent = id
-    def get_endevent():
+    def get_endevent(self):
         '''Get the event a channel sends when playback stops.
         Returns the event type to be sent every time the Channel finishes