Lenard Lindstrom avatar Lenard Lindstrom committed 5000f3e

Fix bytes decoding problem in scrap_clipboard.py example (refs #105)

On Windows, the '\ufffd' unicode replacement character is not recognized.
So, for the 'replace' decoding errors option, a UnicodeEncodingError
exception is raised for non-ascii bytes. The 'ignore' errors option,
though less informative, raises no exceptions.

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                 elif r is None:
                     print ("Type %s : None" % (t,))
-                    print ("Type %s : '%s'" % (t, r.decode('ascii', 'replace')))
+                    print ("Type %s : '%s'" % (t, r.decode('ascii', 'ignore')))
                 if "image" in t:
                     namehint = t.split("/")[1]
                     if namehint in ['bmp', 'png', 'jpg']:
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