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Allow compilation with VC++

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     PyObject* pystrides = PyDict_GetItemString (dict, "strides");
     int i;
-#warning I really do not know what to do with the flags argument.
     if (!pyshape) {
         PyErr_SetString (PyExc_ValueError,
                          "required \"shape\" item is missing");
     /* export the c api */
-#warning export slot count mismatch
+#error export slot count mismatch
     c_api[0] = PyExc_SDLError;
     c_api[1] = PyGame_RegisterQuit;

File src/bufferproxy.c

 static Py_buffer *_proxy_get_view (PgBufproxyObject*);
 /* $$ Transitional stuff */
-#warning Transitional stuff: must disappear!
 #define NOTIMPLEMENTED(rcode) \
     PyErr_Format(PyExc_NotImplementedError, \

File src/surface.c

     PyObject *consumer;
     Pg_bufferinternal *internal;
-/* A friendly self reminder */
-#warning To:, Msg: Please clean this up!
     assert (surf &&
             pg_view_p &&
             PyObject_IsInstance (surf, (PyObject *)&PySurface_Type));