Lenard Lindstrom avatar Lenard Lindstrom committed 6ac8784

Add portmidi to Windows build

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         DependencyProg('SMPEG', 'SMPEG_CONFIG', 'smpeg-config', '0.4.3', m),
         Dependency('PNG', 'png.h', 'libpng12.dll.a'),
         Dependency('JPEG', 'jpeglib.h', 'libjpeg.dll.a'),
+        Dependency('PORTMIDI', 'portmidi.h', 'libportmidi.dll.a'),
 DEPS.add('SMPEG', 'smpeg', ['smpeg-[0-9].*', 'smpeg'], r'smpeg\.dll$', ['SDL'])
 DEPS.add('PNG', 'png', ['libpng-[1-9].*'], r'(png|libpng13)\.dll$', ['z'])
 DEPS.add('JPEG', 'jpeg', ['jpeg-[6-9]*'], r'(lib){0,1}jpeg\.dll$')
+DEPS.add('PORTMIDI', 'portmidi', ['portmidi'], r'portmidi\.dll$')
 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib){0,1}tiff\.dll$', 'tiff', ['tiff-[3-9].*'], ['jpeg', 'z'])
 DEPS.add_dll(r'(z|zlib1)\.dll$', 'z', ['zlib-[1-9].*'])
 DEPS.add_dll(r'(libvorbis-0|vorbis)\.dll$', 'vorbis', ['libvorbis-[1-9].*'],
     ('FONT', 'SDL_ttf', r'SDL_ttf\.dll$', ['SDL']),
     ('FREETYPE', 'freetype', r'libfreetype-6\.dll$', ['Z']),
     ('Z', 'z', r'zlib1\.dll$', []),
-    ('SDL', 'SDL', r'SDL\.dll$', [])
+    ('SDL', 'SDL', r'SDL\.dll$', []),
+    ('PORTMIDI', 'portmidi', r'portmidi\.dll', []),
 # regexs: Maps name to DLL file name regex.
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