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illume  committed 7b0689e

updating version numbers for 1.8.1rc1

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+Jul 8, 2008
+    run_tests.py improved with --help and running stuff in subprocesses.
 Jun 25, 2008
     Added many extra empty test stubs for untested things.  Thanks Nicholas!
     Test runner that works with subprocess and threads to isolate tests.

File lib/version.py

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 releases. (hmm, until we get to versions > 10)
-ver =   '1.8.1pre'
-vernum = 1,8,0
+ver =   '1.8.1rc1'
+vernum = 1,8,1

File readme.html

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 <font size=+5><b>Pygame Readme</b></font>
 </td></tr><tr><td align=left width=33%><big>
-Version 1.8.1pre
+Version 1.8.1rc1
 </td><td align=center width=34%><big>

File readme.txt

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    Pygame Readme
-   Version 1.8.1pre Python Game Development
+   Version 1.8.1rc1 Python Game Development
    Originally by Pete Shinners, now an open source community project.

File setup.py

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     "name":             "pygame",
-    "version":          "1.8.1pre",
+    "version":          "1.8.1rc1",
     "license":          "LGPL",
     "url":              "http://www.pygame.org",
     "author":           "Pete Shinners, Rene Dudfield, Marcus von Appen, Bob Pendleton, others...",