Lenard Lindstrom committed 927d431

Add an Array test type to pygame.tests.test_utils.arrinter

Numpy arrays and BufferProxy surface views only support the system default
integer byte order. The new Array type supports a swapped byte order. It is
also available for Python 2.5, unlike the test array type in buftools.

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+    c_ssize_t  # Undefined in early Python versions
+except NameError:
+    if sizeof(c_uint) == sizeof(c_void_p):
+        c_size_t = c_uint
+        c_ssize_t = c_int
+    elif sizeof(c_ulong) == sizeof(c_void_p):
+        c_size_t = c_ulong
+        c_ssize_t = c_long
+    elif sizeof(c_ulonglong) == sizeof(c_void_p):
+        c_size_t = c_ulonglong
+        c_ssize_t = c_longlong
 PY3 = 0
 if sys.version_info >= (3,):
     PY3 = 1
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