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       <a href="ref/pygame.html">Pygame</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/pixelarray.html">Pixelarray</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/rect.html">Rect</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
+      <a href="ref/scrap.html">Scrap</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/sndarray.html">Sndarray</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/sprite.html">Sprite</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/surface.html">Surface</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
   <dt><a href="ref/pygame.html">Pygame</a></dt><dd> Top level functions to manage Pygame.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/pixelarray.html">PixelArray</a></dt><dd>Manipulate image pixel data.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/rect.html">Rect</a></dt><dd> Flexible container for a rectangle.</dd>
+  <dt><a href="ref/scrap.html">Scrap</a></dt><dd> Native clipboard access.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/sndarray.html">Sndarray</a></dt><dd> Manipulate sound sample data.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/sprite.html">Sprite</a></dt><dd> Higher level objects to represent game images.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/surface.html">Surface</a></dt><dd> Objects for images and the screen.</dd>


 <li><a href="rect.html#Rect.unionall">Rect.unionall</a> - <font size=-1>the union of many rectangles</font></li>
 <li><a href="rect.html#Rect.unionall_ip">Rect.unionall_ip</a> - <font size=-1>the union of many rectangles, in place</font></li>
-<li><a href="scrap.html#pygame.scrap">pygame.scrap</a> - <font size=-1></font></li>
+<li><a href="scrap.html#pygame.scrap">pygame.scrap</a> - <font size=-1>pygame module for clipboard support.</font></li>
 <li><a href="scrap.html#pygame.scrap.contains">pygame.scrap.contains</a> - <font size=-1>Checks, whether a certain type is available in the clipboard.</font></li>
 <li><a href="scrap.html#pygame.scrap.get">pygame.scrap.get</a> - <font size=-1>Gets the data for the specified type from the clipboard.</font></li>


 <a name="pygame.scrap">
+  <i>pygame module for clipboard support.</i><br>
   <tr><td><a href="scrap.html#pygame.scrap.init">pygame.scrap.init</a> - <font size=-1>Initializes the scrap module.</font></td><td>Initializes the scrap module.</td></tr>
   <tr><td><a href="scrap.html#pygame.scrap.get">pygame.scrap.get</a> - <font size=-1>Gets the data for the specified type from the clipboard.</font></td><td>Gets the data for the specified type from the clipboard.</td></tr>
 #define DOC_RECTCOLLIDEDICTALL "Rect.collidedictall(dict): return [(key, value), ...]\ntest if all rectangles in a dictionary intersect"
+#define DOC_PYGAMESCRAP "pygame module for clipboard support."
 #define DOC_PYGAMESCRAPINIT "scrap.init () -> None\nInitializes the scrap module."
+pygame module for clipboard support.
 The scrap module is for getting and putting stuff from the clipboard.
 So you can copy and paste things between pygame, and other application
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