Lenard Lindstrom avatar Lenard Lindstrom committed a787fef

small repairs for MinGW build

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         from mingw32ccompiler import Mingw32DefaultCCompiler
         return Mingw32DefaultCCompiler (None, dry_run, force)
     if compiler == 'mingw32-console':
-        from mingw32CCompiler import Mingw32ConsoleCCompiler
+        from mingw32ccompiler import Mingw32ConsoleCCompiler
         return Mingw32ConsoleCCompiler (None, dry_run, force)
     return original_new_compiler (plat, compiler, verbose, dry_run, force)
     if not f[-3:] == '.py' and not f[-4:] == '.doc' and os.path.isfile(f):
-# For Unix systems this is good enough.
-data_files_target = 'pygame'
 # Required. This will be filled if doing a Windows build.
 cmdclass = {}
         except ImportError:
-    # We want everything in the pygame package directory.
-    data_files_target = 'Lib\\site-packages\\pygame'
     #add dependency DLLs to the project
     import dll
         self.install_dir = getattr(install_cmd, 'install_lib')
         return install_data.run(self)
+cmdclass['install_data'] = smart_install_data
 #call distutils with all needed info
-       "cmdclass":    {'install_data': smart_install_data},
+       "cmdclass":    cmdclass,
        "packages":    ['pygame', 'pygame.gp2x'],
        "package_dir": {'pygame': 'lib',
                        'pygame.gp2x': 'lib/gp2x'},
        "headers":     headers,
        "ext_modules": extensions,
-       "data_files":  [[data_files_target, data_files]],
+       "data_files":  [['pygame', data_files]],
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