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 <a href=ref/Channel.html#unpause>Channel.unpause</a> - restart a paused channel<br>
 <a href=ref/Font.html#get_ascent>Font.get_ascent</a> - gets the font ascent<br>
 <a href=ref/Font.html#get_bold>Font.get_bold</a> - status of the bold attribute<br>
-<a href=ref/Font.html#get_bold>Font.get_bold</a> - status of the italic attribute<br>
 <a href=ref/Font.html#get_descent>Font.get_descent</a> - gets the font descent<br>
 <a href=ref/Font.html#get_height>Font.get_height</a> - average height of font glyph<br>
+<a href=ref/Font.html#get_italic>Font.get_italic</a> - status of the italic attribute<br>
 <a href=ref/Font.html#get_linesize>Font.get_linesize</a> - gets the font recommended linesize<br>
 <a href=ref/Font.html#get_underline>Font.get_underline</a> - status of the underline attribute<br>
 <a href=ref/Font.html#render>Font.render</a> - render text to a new image<br>

File docs/ref/Font.html

 status of the bold attribute</td></tr>
-<tr><td><a href=#get_bold>get_bold</a></td><td> -
-status of the italic attribute</td></tr>
 <tr><td><a href=#get_descent>get_descent</a></td><td> -
 gets the font descent</td></tr>
 average height of font glyph</td></tr>
+<tr><td><a href=#get_italic>get_italic</a></td><td> -
+status of the italic attribute</td></tr>
 <tr><td><a href=#get_linesize>get_linesize</a></td><td> -
 gets the font recommended linesize</td></tr>
 Get the current status of the font's bold attribute
-<a name=get_bold><font size=+2><b>get_bold
-</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
-Font.get_bold() -> bool
-Get the current status of the font's italic attribute
 <a name=get_descent><font size=+2><b>get_descent
 </b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
 Font.get_descent() -> int
 Returns the average size of each glyph in the font.
+<a name=get_italic><font size=+2><b>get_italic
+</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
+Font.get_italic() -> bool
+Get the current status of the font's italic attribute
 <a name=get_linesize><font size=+2><b>get_linesize
 </b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
 Font.get_linesize() -> int
     /*DOC*/ static char doc_font_get_italic[] =
-    /*DOC*/    "Font.get_bold() -> bool\n"
+    /*DOC*/    "Font.get_italic() -> bool\n"
     /*DOC*/    "status of the italic attribute\n"
     /*DOC*/    "\n"
     /*DOC*/    "Get the current status of the font's italic attribute\n"