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Fixed pygame.surfarray.pixels3d() using numpy for 24bpp surfaces.

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 # BUG    = fixed a bug that was (or could have been) crashing
+Apr 10, 2008
+    [BUG] Fixed pygame.surfarray.pixels3d() for 24bpp surfaces using numpy.
+        Thanks Lorenz Quack!
 Apr 8, 2008
     [BUG] Fixed pygame.draw.aaline() for cases in which only a single point
         has to be drawn.


     array = numpy.frombuffer (surface.get_buffer (), numpy.uint8)
     array.shape = surface.get_height (), surface.get_pitch ()
     array = array[:,:surface.get_width () * bpp]
-    array.shape  = surface.get_width (), surface.get_height (), bpp
+    array = numpy.reshape (array, (surface.get_width (), surface.get_height (),
+                                   bpp))
     array = array[:,:,start:end:step]
     return array
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