Lenard Lindstrom avatar Lenard Lindstrom committed c780a5d

Allow switching the byte order of a Python int to big or little endian

The pygame.tests.test_utils.endian module does machine independent
byte reorder of the first 4 bytes of a Python int.

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+# Module pygame.tests.test_utils.endian
+# Machine independent conversion to little-endian and big-endian Python
+# integer values.
+import struct
+def little_endian_uint32(i):
+    """Return the 32 bit unsigned integer little-endian representation of i"""
+    s = struct.pack('<I', i)
+    return struct.unpack('=I', s)[0]
+def big_endian_uint32(i):
+    """Return the 32 bit unsigned integer big-endian representation of i"""
+    s = struct.pack('>I', i)
+    return struct.unpack('=I', s)[0]
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