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music refcount fix

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 - David Clark for RPMs and all around help
 - Ed Boraas and Francis Irving for Debian packaging
 - Maxim Sobolev for FreeBSD port maintenance
-- Niki Spahiev, Gordon Tyler, and Dave Wallace for great patches
+- Bob Ippolito for the MacOS porting
 - Jan Ekhol, Ray Kelm, and Peter Nicolai for initial design reviews
-- Bob Ippolito for the MacOS porting
-- And our dutiful bug hunters; Angus, Guillaume Proux,
+- Our list of valiant bugfixers:
+	Niki Spahiev, Gordon Tyler,
+	Dave Wallace, and John Popplewell
+- And our dutiful bug hunters:
+	Angus, Guillaume Proux,
 	Austin Henry, and Kaweh Kazemi
 There's many more folks out there who've submitted helpful ideas,
 # BREAK = change breaks existing code
 # BUG	= fixed a bug that was (or could have been) crashing
+July 31, 2001
+	fixed refcount
 July 26, 2001
 	 custom events work with event.peek() and event.get()
 	 added event.get_blocked() function to query blocked types
 		dict = PyModule_GetDict(music);
 		ptr = PyDict_GetItemString(dict, "_MUSIC_POINTER");
 		current_music = (Mix_Music**)PyCObject_AsVoidPtr(ptr);
-		Py_DECREF(music);
 	else /*music module not compiled? cleanly ignore*/