illume avatar illume committed c8cd8f2

fixes a couple of warnings on gcc mingw windows

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     #include "scrap_x11.c"
 #elif defined(__WIN32__)
     #define WIN_SCRAP
-static UINT _cliptype = 0;
     #include "scrap_win.c"
 #elif defined(__QNXNTO__)
         HANDLE hMem;
         char *src;
+        src = NULL;
         hMem = GetClipboardData (format);
         if (hMem)
                 *count = GlobalSize (hMem);
             if (format == CF_DIB || format == CF_DIBV5)
                 /* Count will be increased accordingly in
             else if (*count != 0)
+                /* weird error, shouldn't get here. */
+                if(!src) {
+                    return NULL;
+                }
                 retval = malloc (*count);
                 if (retval)
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