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All tests on OS X 10.3.9 ok, or noted in manual.

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     - Connect to window manager before SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO) 
         - requires PyObjC
  - Added SDL.endian submodule
+ - Pitch calculated correctly for returning SDL_Surface.pixels
 SDL-ctypes 0.04
 Note that earlier versions are not available through the SDL subversion
+SDL-ctypes requires Python 2.4 or later.  On Mac OS X SDL-ctypes also requires
+PyObjC to be installed.
 the script and re-run it.  Examine the generated report for added or
 changed function prototypes and structures, and make the appropriate
 changes to SDL-ctypes.
+Platform Notes
+Tested on:
+* AMD64 Gentoo; SDL 1.2.11; Python 2.4
+Mac OS X
+You must have PyObjC installed to use the video or surface functions.
+Tested on:
+* iBook G3 900MHz OS X 1.3.9; SDL 1.2.11 (installed as framework); 
+  Python 2.4.1 (installed from source).
+   - CDROM functions do not work (freezes, requires reboot)
+   - SDL_WM_ToggleFullscreen throws an exception with no message.
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