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house_lo.mp3 crashes smpeg on Debian Linux. Remove from unit tests and add MP3 warning to docs

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 The difference between the music playback and regular Sound playback is that
 the music is streamed, and never actually loaded all at once. The mixer system
-only supports a single music stream at once. 
+only supports a single music stream at once.
+Be aware that MP3 support is limited. On some systems an unsupported format
+can crash the program, e.g. Debian Linux. Consider using OGG instead.


         data_fname = example_path('data')
-        formats = ['mp3', 'ogg', 'wav']
+        # The mp3 test file can crash smpeg on some systems.
+        ## formats = ['mp3', 'ogg', 'wav']
+        format = ['ogg', 'wav']
         for f in formats:
             musfn = os.path.join(data_fname, 'house_lo.%s' % f)