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bump version number

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 try: import pygame.sndarray
 except (ImportError,IOError), msg:sndarray=MissingModule("sndarray", msg, 0)
+try: import pygame.fastevent
+except (ImportError,IOError), msg:fastevent=MissingModule("fastevent", msg, 0)
 #there's also a couple "internal" modules not needed
 #by users, but putting them here helps "dependency finder"
 #programs get everything they need (like py2exe)
 releases. (hmm, until we get to versions > 10)
-ver =   '1.7.0'
-vernum = 1,7,0
+ver =   '1.7.1'
+vernum = 1,7,1
     "name":             "pygame",
-    "version":          "1.7.0",
+    "version":          "1.7.1",
     "license":          "LGPL",
     "url":              "",
     "author":           "Pete Shinners",
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